About me

So here’s a little about me and why I’ve decided to do this.

The picture you see above is of my girl Jam and I, sitting in front of my hand made art desk, approximately 10 months or so after coming home from several months spent in hospital.

I have always been an animal person. I have always felt a connection and found comfort in the presence of animals. Though it wasn’t until recently, after doing a great deal of research, that I started to understand what this gift of mine really was. It was like I could hear them and understand how they felt or what they were trying to communicate. It was with this in mind, some twenty-five years ago, when another “just for now job” fell through, that I decided to become a pet groomer. A perfect fit I thought. I would get to work with animals all day, everyday. What could be better for someone like me? I so loved working with the animals. Until one day, completely out of nowhere, I had a massive heart attack. It was the type of cardiac event commonly referred to as the “Widow maker”. I had a 100% blockage and was in full cardiac arrest for approximately 35 minutes. I was forty-eight years old, at the time.

We were told by my medical team that less than 5% of individuals who experience an event such as mine survive. Add to that the “arm’s length” list of complications that I had to overcome and it is truly a miracle that I am still here. It’s a miracle that I am here and able to share my story with you. It is in writing this blog and the book I am currently working on that I find strength, comfort, healing and purpose. It has helped me to not feel so alone… read more

Tanya’s love and appreciation for the beauty that art brings to the world has been present as far back as she can recall, in her childhood years. Some of her earliest inspiration came from the natural beauty that surrounded her grandparents country home, where she spent a great deal of time as a child. It was there that she began to create wildlife and nature inspired drawings. As this passion grew through the experience of learning and training in education and the help of a mentoring teacher, Tanya’s work continued to grow and evolve. Some of her pieces were selected to be published in local newspaper art features.

Some twenty years ago, or so, Tanya found an outlet for artistic expression in working with animals on a daily basis. During this time she continued to sketch and draw animal inspired pieces. Until a few years ago, when a chance visit from her mentor inspired her to pick up a brush. This step has opened up a whole new world of expression and has led to a wonderful collection pieces inspired by nature and all of its beauty. Whether it’s canvas, stone or wood Tanya has found her home with paint, a good brush and a nice cup of tea!

Her creative process is very much a perfect partnership of inspiration and positive energy in life as well as business. Which is cultivated by the natural environment she has created for living and creating.