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Why my desire to help?

I have had many jobs, I waited tables, worked in kitchens, did odd outdoor jobs, worked as a secretary, car saleswoman, drove courtesy vehicles, travelled selling meat door to door, call centre work, chambermaid, motel clerk, made crafts and art work to sell and I finally settled on being a pet groomer. This career lasted 25 years for me. It was my passion and I loved it!!

After I had my heart attack, I was no longer physically able to groom. As a result, I have felt lost and saddened that I can no longer continue in my career. I really enjoyed working with all the animals, but in particular, with those who were considered to be difficult individuals. Some of the owners were at their wits end and needed help. I felt that I could really connect with those animals. Being able to communicate with them and gain their trust gave me great joy. I truly miss grooming, but I believe that my time in that profession has run its course and now it is time for me to help other beings in other ways.

All of that being said, I have not been able to work outside of our home to earn an income for the last five years. Because I was self-employed, I did not meet the proper requirements to collect any benefits from the government since my heart attack. My husband has supported me this whole time. Thank you and bless you DW.

After I had my heart attack, there were so many people who have and continue to help me to get back on my feet again. Sooooo many people working day and night to get me thru this difficult time in my life. It is because of these individuals and their efforts that I have worked so very hard at getting better. To me, if they were going to put all they had into helping me , it was important that I work as hard as I could. I want to show them that their efforts were truly valued and appreciated.

It was just shortly after I started the cardiac rehab program at the Moncton City Hospital that I realized I wanted to give back, in some way. I wanted to continue to be of service to others who needed a little compassion and encouragement. As I worked through and completed this valuable program, I got to know the nurses who give so much to their work . I began to share the details of my story and, upon completion, I was asked to give talks about my unique experience for other patients, as they completed the program. The idea was that if the other patients heard some of the details of my story and saw that I survived after all of my complications, that they too could pull through and overcome their own situations.

The talks I gave were very well received and I loved interacting with those who would approach me afterwards. Some of them just wanted a hug and some of them wanted to share some of their experiences and all of them wished me well and said that hearing my story did give them hope. In return, in sharing with and getting to know them, I gained a sense of belonging and purpose.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the medical professionals who give so much everyday! I want to thank them for all they have done and given in order to care for me and the many others in need. You all are truly amazing people!

It was a true joy to feel that I was once again making a positive difference in peoples lives. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we could no longer continue with my talks. I truly miss having this experience, maybe someday we will be able to resume and I will have the opportunity to connect with others who complete the program.

The wonderful loving staff who work so hard to provide this amazing program have encouraged me to write a book about my story. They felt that this would be a good way to reach many more people than just those who have attended the Cardiac Rehab program. They encouraged me to continue to make an effort to connect with those who were in need of some positive reinforcement and encouragement. So they too can overcome and really live their lives.

So, here I am. I am writing my book and sharing my story with all of you, trying to make a positive contribution in this crazy world.


My book is progressing nicely. We are now in the editing stage and are getting closer to publishing with every week that passes. Our plan is to self-publish, most likely as an e-book initially, and then follow that with a paper copy, as sales progress. We are currently in the process of setting up our online store for my book, artwork and other products, which will be ready soon. In the meantime, if you have interest in any of my work, you can reach out to me through our contact form below and on our Contact page.

Thank you!

With Love Always!

Tanya Jean

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