Welcome to My Path!

Hello there! My name is Tanya Jean. This is a picture of me and one of my very best friends in this whole world. My girl Jam. I think that it is the strong connection her and I have always had, along with the extensive research I have done, that has helped me to realize and develop my animal Empath gifts. Isn’t she just soooo Beautiful?

This is my very first website and I am really looking forward to sharing my life’s work and my journey with you. It’s a story that even I have a hard time to believe on occasion, and I’m living it…

With Love, Tanya Jean

Welcome to the My Path Store

I’m so excited to Welcome you all to the My Path Store. Inside you’ll find professional prints of my hand painted or hand sketched pieces and works from all different points along my path. It’s what I like to call my Tanya Jean Originals line.

It’s been quite a journey, getting to this point and it feels like I’m just now getting started! I hope you’ll find something that bring’s you as much joy, as creating them has brought me!

With Love, Tanya Jean

Visit the My Path Store for your next unique gift giving idea today… click here!

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Loving Life

What does loving life mean to you? I believe that loving life has an individual meaning for everyone. My hope is that we all find and create the life that makes us feel fulfilled and whole. Well balanced comes to mind along with complete and utter joy in our hearts.

I am loving life…

Piece of my Puzzle

I will start by saying that this summer has been the best summer of my life. It was full of fun, peace, love, and joy. What more could a kind soul ask for?

I made a choice at the beginning of the summer to relax and not put as much pressure on myself to be…

Summer Fun

This summer hss already been very full for us and we are only at the half way mark. My husband and I are having the best summer we have ever had together. I am living as though tomorrow is not promised. Mostly, well, because it’s not. Not for any of us, but maybe more in…

Restoration and Adaptation

We as humans sometimes get so busy that we forget that life is a journey that needs to be savoured. Sometimes even living beings need some restoration. Every step of our existence should be experienced, noted and appreciated for what it is. At times, we all need to restore ourselves in the way of adapting…


What does the word hero mean to you?? What is your definition of a hero?? I believe it is someone that goes above and beyond to help those in need. I believe it can be an animal or a person. My thought is that this individual is a highly empathic and caring individual. It is…

Fiddlehead Challenge

My husband and I are very fortunate to live in an area where we can forage one of my favorite foods in the whole world, maritime fiddleheads. Fiddleheads can be a challenge to forage due to a number of factors. The hardest part for me is my mobility issues. This is of course due to…

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